This week I went to my first murder mystery dinner theater. The Murder Mystery Company hosted Murder at the Masquerade, a Billionaires’ Annual Masquerade Ball that takes a turn when one of the guests is killed. I don’t want to spoil any surprises, so I’ll go light on the details.

My friend Jamie, from my hang gliding adventure, joined me for the evening. Mona the French Maid greeted us at the door and led us back to the party. When we walked it, we were interrogated and had our mug shots taken. Unfortunately I didn’t get pictures of it to share.


While we were waiting for the show to begin we were served our first course and chatted with the other guests at our table. Each table a guide to Billionaire’s slang, a/k/a “How to speak like a 1 percenter.”  Some of the sections were “Taxes = What poor people pay,” “Laws = A minor inconvenience,” and “Place in the Hamptons = Billionaire camping.”

Not long after the show began, someone was murdered! Oh no!


Fortunately, a trusty decretive soon arrived. Members of the audience were pulled into the action, and may were suspects for the crime.

One of the best audience participants was a guy named “Shady Fingers” (below) a known pickpocket (who was unsuccessfully trying to kick the habit). Both the suspects and the interrogators moved around during interrogation breaks. The interrogators tried to get clues to solve the crime. Shady, however, spent his time stealing things from other guests’ tables, which resulted in a pretty impressive bounty at the end of the evening.


At the end of the evening the murderer was reveled … but who it was, I’ll never tell!

They have at least 8 different themes, so they change the show every 4-6 months. I can’t wait to go back for another performance!