Recently I got to take advantage of a business trip to Knoxville to spend some time catching up with my friend Amy. The last time I got to see her (or Knoxville for that matter) was back in October when we went on a camel safari. Since then, Amy got engaged to a wonderful guy named Adam, who, because of my work schedule over the past few months, I had not been able to meet yet. So, to rectify these transgressions I suggested we have a little adventure together, and fortunately Adam was able to join us.

The three of us drove down to Pigeon Forge to go zorbing at Outdoor Gravity Park. Zorbing involves getting in a giant inflatable double-layered orbs that are rolled down hills or across water.  Or as my sister appropriately phrased it, “rolling down a hill in a giant hamster ball.” The riders can either be strapped in a harness or slide around freely, and the rides can be either wet or dry.

You start with a Superman-like dive into ball, splashing into the mini pool of water inside. Once we were situated, and given a handy little GoPro, we were pushed down the 1,000-foot-long straight hill. The ride was just as much fun as it looks, and definitely exceeded my expectations. It felt like a giant waterslide.

For the second ride, I decided to go solo so I could experience the zigzag hill. When I sent my friend Jill a video of the zorb rolling down the hill (above), she exclaimed, “I thought you were at a water park, not at Stonehenge where you come out of nowhere like you’re in battle or something!” I’m not sure what Jill thinks happened at Stonehenge, but apparently there was a super fun battle with vastly superior military armament.

The second ride was bumpier and more exciting than the first, but I think they were equally fun. I loved that you could share the experience with friends as well as have a solo ride.

Zorbing Track

This was definitely an experience I’d like to repeat, in fact, I wish we could have stayed there all day. Moreover, it was the perfect opportunity to get to know Adam, who I hope will join Amy and me on our many adventures in years to come.