My best friend and I finished or 3,000 mile road trip in Las Vegas (follow the blog to see a post on the trip next week). For me, Las Vegas is not about gambling, pools, and parties, it is about a endless possibilities of New Things to do. (See my previous Vegas posts on swimming with dolphins and taking a trapeze lesson).

Las Vegas Sky

My friend wanted to spend the day watching soccer so I went on my own hunt for how to fill my day. I decided on a helicopter ride, because why not? I started cold calling places to see where I could get a solo flight at the last minute. Skyline Tours delivered. Not only could they take me up, but they let me book my own private helicopter. I really don’t like to share.

Las Vegas Lights

I was given the option of flying “doors off,” which is exactly what it sounds like. There is nothing between you and the air. At first, I was hesitant about flying doors off and was going to opt out of it. However, I was persuaded otherwise and I am very glad for it.

Las Vegas Helicopter

Flying doors off was  exhilarating. It provided an unobstructed breathtaking view of the city below.

Las Vegas Aerial

We took off at the North Las Vegas Airport and flew down the length of one side of The Strip, looped around, and flew up the other side. We flew so close to the Stratosphere that it seemed like I could reach out and touch it.

Skyline Helicopter

This experience is one I would absolutely repeat, despite my fear of heights and flying.

Here is a video of my ride:

If you want to do your own tour of Las Vegas, visit Skyline Tours and they will give you a night you’ll never forget.