52 Things 52 Weeks

Just a girl trying new things.

About Me

Tennessee Law alumna. Entertainment attorney. IP nerd. Foodie. Coffee lover. Mac enthusiast. Yoga addict. Insomniac. Shutterbug. World traveler. Vol for life.

For my yearly New Year’s resolution I’m endeavoring to try 52 new things in 52 weeks. Over the next year I will try everything from an aerobatic plane ride to whitewater rafting in an attempt to broaden my horizons. This isn’t intended to be a ‘bucket list’ (that list is significantly more expensive and extravagant), it’s just a way to pry myself out of my rut. I will chronicle my journey here, mainly to ensure that I actually follow through with it.

 New posts are (usually) published Mondays by 9 AM EDT.


11 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Thank you for sharing with us your blog on Robert’s Western World experience. We are so glad you made the trip downtown to see us here and appreciate your words. Come back and dance with us again soon!


  2. I love your blog and that you have a list of the things you are going to do! Your photos are great to! My blog is similar but I don’t have a set list so it’s become a bit random, I like your organization. I hope you have a fabulous year with your new adventures 🙂


  3. Came across your blog accidentally (but is anything really accidental?!) looking for Big Island on the Hiwassee, where I had my near-death experience last Monday…got pinned under my boat on a shallow rock and luckily was able to brace my arms on the rock and get my face up out of the water as I tried to figure out how to get to my skirt handle pulled without slamming my face (and those all important air passages!) back into the water and on the rock. Glad your adventure turned out well- I laughed as I was reading about it, not because it was funny (I know it was not at the time) but out of sympathy. And my legs are STILL developing bruises! I’ll be back on the water as well after a whitewater paddling class next week. Good luck on your list-and my husband says we should all fill up our buckets while we can 🙂


  4. Thank you so much for your blog! I moved to Tennessee a little over a year ago and plan to use your blog as ideas for things to get me out of my comfort zone!


  5. Amazing and fun blog..Really inspiring me.. I found your blog looking for ideas to have more fun.. Want to write a similar blog about all the new things that I try. I hope you don’t mind !!


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