Getting My Goat Yoga On

A few weeks ago I wrote about my experience with a room full of adorable kittens for cat yoga. But for the last year I have actually been dying to try goat yoga. Nashville, being the hipster metropolis that it is, has at least 2-3 goat yoga companies from which to choose.

I selected Shenanigoats Yoga to get on my nanny goat namaste. Shenanigoats is owned by Jamie (pictured below) and her family and it began as a goat lawn care service. However, that all changed after someone suggested she get into the yoga business. After a post in our local neighborhood Facebook group inquired whether anyone would be interested in local goat yoga classes, and hundreds of excited responses, Shenanigoats Yoga was born.

Shenanigoats hosts yoga sessions a few places around town, but I lucked out that one of those spots happens to be right outside of Bongo East, a coffee shop just a few minutes from my house. The class was led by Janaye Williams from Shakti Yoga.

Fortunately, it was only about 80 degrees outside. Which, for Nashville in August, is basically a cold front. Unfortunately, I still got a good bit of sun because I neglected my sunscreen. Oops!

Enough about me. On to the goats . . . and yoga.

There were a few dozen participants there for my session. Jamie said they sell out every class, which does not surprise me one bit.

We all lined up on either side of the fence, facing the center. I strategically picked a spot near a water bowl in hope that it would increase my goat traffic.

I was right. Several precious goats came by to pay me (ok, the water bowl) a visit.

One friendly little goat even decided to make itself at home on my mat. I, of course, had zero objections to this.

I spent most of my time taking pictures of and petting goats and little time actually doing yoga. But who cares! Goats!

Jamie and her family were also more than willing to assist with the perfect goat yoga poses. It was a little hard to balance on the grass when the sun is in your eyes, but perfect yoga form isn’t why we are there.

At the end of class, we all lined up shoulder to shoulder so the goats could run across our backs. It was adorable.

I had so much fun with Jamie and her goats and I have already promised a friend I’d make a return visit with her.

If you are interested in attending your own goat yoga session, Shenanigoats has all of their upcoming events listed here.

PS: If you want to keep reading about goats, see this post about my experience milking a goat and making goat cheese.

Meowmaste! Cat Yoga is Positively Purrfect

The world of yoga is expanding. You can try beer yoga in London, goat yoga in Vermont, and cat yoga right here in Nashville.

Photo by Keri Newman

Every other month, Metro Nashville Animal Care and Control hosts an hour of zen with cats and kittens in need of homes. The yoga session helps socialize the cats and helps MACC learn about their personalities to help place them with the right families.

Photo by Keri Newman

Our yogi kitties were Storm, Kit, Kaboodle, and Cutie Patootie Pants (yes, you can change their names if you adopt them).

I really don’t know who had more fun, us, or the kitties who had the run of the room.

Rebecca Carey and Keri Newman, from Shakti Yoga, were our instructors for the day.

Photo by Keri Newman

While Keri took pictures, Rebecca guided us through the traditional yoga poses, cat-cow, cat-uranga, and even downward dog (shhh . . . don’t tell the kitties).

Photo by Keri Newman

We also took plenty of kitten breaks to play with our new furry friends.

Photo by Keri Newman

However, I learned that a hanging ponytail will stand in for any cat toy.

Photo by Keri Newman

But when it was all said and done, everyone was ready for a relaxing sunbeam shavasana.

These kitties, as well as many of their dog and cat friends, are looking for homes. If you want a forever yoga partner (or even just a short-term foster), contact Metro Nashville Animal Care and Control to find your purrfect mate. Adopt, don’t shop.

Adopting A Fish

Getting a fish was not on my To Do list. In fact, this week I had other New Things planned. Two were canceled due to work and a third was canceled due to fish.

This week I adopted a rescue fish. Thats right, a rescue fish. The owner didn’t want it anymore and was going to flush it. They had the fish for a year and just decided that they didn’t want it anymore. So, my friend Summer swooped in and saved it from a trip down the drain. Summer decided, since I spend so much time at work, that I could use some company and my office needed to be more homey.

When I told my friends that Summer gave me a fish, the first two questions were: “Alive or dead?” and “In a bowl?” These questions concerned me. Mainly because I wondered what it said about me that my friends would think that someone would hand me a dead fish.

At first was hesitant about having a fish. I feel responsible for a great deal of fish carnage as a child and I remember at least 3 backyard fish burials. Also, I feel bad about keeping it captive in a bowl. But its not like I can exactly release it back into the wild. Now that I am an adult, I feel I have as good of a chance of keeping it alive as anyone else, and at least I won’t be flushing it down the toilet.

Peyton Manning Beta Fish

I soon realized that I was a nervous fish mother. He wasn’t moving or eating much so I became concerned. A friend commented, “He’s a picky eater and aloof? Your fish sounds like a jerk.” Another suggested he was just being coy. However, my friend Candace pointed out that the poor guy was probably just cold. Despite keeping my office roughly the temperature of a tropical island, the water in the tank was quite chilly. So, I moved the tank to a warmer spot in my office and set up my space heater and warmed the little guy up.

The next day he was cold again. I realized that I couldn’t keep up this routine. After work I went to the pet store and spent more than I would like to admit on a larger tank, a heater, and other fish accessories. Setting up an aquarium is more of a process than you’d think. I spent at least 20 minutes just cleaning the rocks for the tank. But once I got it all set up the fish seemed a lot happier.

Betta Fish Tank

I decided to name my betta fish Peyton Manning, which I have discovered is a remarkably unpopular name for a fish. If anyone has tips on how to keep Peyton alive and happy in his new little super bowl, please let me know.

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